Poetry: Good for the Spirit and Good for the Soul

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Poetry: Good for the Spirit and Good for the Soul

Minorities, or multicultural populations, have generated a wealth of poetry and music from a wide range of experiences:

  • many of these experiences have been upbeat
  • many others have been downbeat
  • and many have been everywhere in-between

Some of our most beautiful music and poetry has:

  • been new and only expressed once
  • remains unknown, yet begging for wider expression
  • been multiplied many times, over many years in family and folk circles.

Background Music Choices Coming Later: Being aware of the unbreakable link between music and the health of minorities populations, our plans include providing various background music on the website for the choice of our website user.


We strongly recommend that you visit our 3 Special Poetry Sections below, as we are confident that they are good for Spiritual Health, Mental Health, and because of the connection between the three, Physical Health.
In addition, you will find the contents in each of these sections inspiring, motivating, and or encouraging.