The Health Power Toolkit

The Health Power Toolkit


Health Power Toolkit, as you will soon see, has Tools for You and Yours! We prepared it because because we know it’s easier to talk about modifying lifestyles and health practices than doing it, even when you want to.

It’s organized to make it easy for you to:

   – Quickly find tools that will work best for you,

   – Go in and out of the Toolkit whenever it’s convenient – to use the same tool, or easily switch to another,

   – Print out whatever you want for your offline use.

So choose the tool, or tools, that will work best for you, knowing that they will be good for your Physical,  Mental and Spiritual Health.

Following are Three Special Tips  for Using The Toolkit.

1.  It often helps if you have a “buddy” or group of “buddies” to support each other, so that you and one or more of you can use the same tool or tools, and exchange information about individual and/or small group experiences to support each other.  An example would be a “Walking Group” or “Club”.

2.  Because variety is the spice of life, pick and choose based on your specific interests and needs.  Also, from time to time, check out and use different tools, or use more than one tool at a time.

3.  Visit the toolkit often and check out what tools are in each category because we will be adding or updating at least one tool per month.

So enjoy the Toolbox, and Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power!®

Key Health Power Tools

Section 1.   Celebrity and Notables Recipes 

Patti LaBelle

Gladys Knight

Dr. Dorothy Height

Section 2.   Choose Your Quote of the Day (or Week)  

From our Spiritual Health Channel

Section 3.   Crossword Puzzle

[First puzzle on diabetes]

Section 4.   Cultural Specialty Recipes

African American and Caribbean Recipes

Hispanic Recipes

Asian Pacific Islander Recipes

Native American Recipes

Section 5.   Materials for Minority Health

Health Power Brochures

Health Power Newsletters

Key Materials from Other Sources

Spanish Language Materials – From National Institutes of Health/NIH

Section 6.   Multicultural Health and Population Data

Section 7.   Resource Directory for Minority Health

Section 8.   What’s Happening

Section 9.   Our Blog 

Section 10. Tip Sheets for Minority Health 


Summary of Tip Sheets Below         Full Tip Sheet Directory

• From the Food Branch of our Food & Fitness Channel  

  • Cooking Good and Eating Healthy Tip Sheets – From leading nutritionists and chefs

o Chefs Leah Chase and Johnny Rivers
             o Nutritionists Lorena Drago and Cecilia Pozo Fileta
Nutritionist Constance Brown-Riggs
             o Nutritionist Madhu Gadia
             o Chef Ryan Tateishi

  • Other Cooking Good and Eating Healthy Tip Sheets

o Antioxidant Foods
             o Cholesterol Lowering
             o Fighting Fat in Foods
             o Fruits & Vegetables Shopping Checklist
             o Holiday and Weekend Cooking
             o Low fat Milk
             o Outdoor Cooking
Reading Food Labels
             o Smart Diet Tips
             o Vegetarian Basics
             o Wise Drinking

  • From the Fitness Branch of our Food and Fitness Channel

o Calories Burned from Different Activities
             o Getting in Shape
             o Walking for Health and Fitness

Moving for the Health of It

  • Cancer Tip Sheets

Listen to Your Body Talk – For the Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

Breast Cancer Myths & Facts

Signals of  Cancer of the Prostate and Enlarged Prostate

  • Child Health Tip Sheets – See Infant and Child Health

• Heart/Cardiovascular Disease Related Tip Sheets

o Warning Signals of Heart Disease

  • HIV/AIDS Tip Sheets 

o Down Low (DL)

o Challenges of Managing HIV/AIDS & Substance Abuse, Combined

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Tip Sheet

o Beat Hypertension: The Silent Killer

  • Infant and Child Health Tip Sheets

o How to Handle Bullying
             o Childhood Immunizations

o Childhood Obesity Prevention

  • Mental Health Tips –
    From our
     Mental Health Channel

o Depression is More Than “A Little Sad”
o Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

o Preventing and Reducing Stress

  • Parenting Tips

o How to Handle Bullying
             o Childhood Immunizations
             o Childhood Obesity Prevention

o Helping to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

  • Preventive Health Tips

o Contaminated Eggs
             o Dental Health
             o Eye Care
             o Heat Exhaustion
             o Heat Stroke
             o Immunizations
             o Pollen and Pollen Counts
             o Prenatal Care
             o Sleeping for Health & Beauty
             o Skin Care

o Stress Prevention & Control

  • Smoking – Quit Smoking & Win (4)

o Tip Sheet 1: Planning for Quitting Smoking

o Tip Sheet 2: What’s in Cigarette Smoke
             o Tip Sheet 3: Avoiding and Fighting Smoking Triggers
             o Tip Sheet 4: Why Quit Smoking?
             o Tip Sheet 5: How to Help Friends Quit Smoking

Note:  See also “Quit Tips” in “Pathways to Freedom: Winning the Fight Against Tobacco” at CDC.  The Principal Developer of Pathways to Freedom is Robert G. Robinson, MSW, DrPH, a Health Power Editor and Advisor.

  • Stroke

o Warning Signals of Stroke

  • Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency

o Challenges of Managing HIV/AIDS & Substance Abuse, Combined

o Wise Drinking: For Alcohol Awareness

  • Violence

o Violence (Abusive Behavior) Prevention Tips

  • Weight Control and Related Tips