Sports, Exercise and Traumatic Brain Injury

Sports and exercise have always played an important part in my life. I had to do sports at school, I love tennis and all sport, and did sports medicine during my Rehabilitation practice. It was all great preparation.

I had a severe accident, I was hit by a motor cycle sustained multiple fractures and had many surgeries and suffered permanent Traumatic Brain Injury.

With subsequent weight gain yes call it obesity, “did not look good” weakness and walking difficulties, sport and movement has once again been the saviour.

I must move or get stiff. Movement, exercise and a change of eating pattern, has assisted with my weight loss. It must be a part of my daily life like bathing eating and sleeping. I have incorporated some form of exercise in my daily life.

The benefits have been tremendous. I have experienced weight loss along with dietary change. Better memory, problem solving and blood pressure control. This medicine, exercise has been the least expensive method aiding my recovery.
Exercise and movement can be a chore for all of us young and old. Hair care and, upkeep has to be considered, we have to find the time to move.  We must make it as easy as possible.  In order to do so we must incorporate the activity in our daily activities, so as to do something at least 4 days a week.  With a change in how we do chores, this is easier.  I walk the stairs in my house every 2 hours.  I do not eat after 7:30pm.  I eat smaller more frequent (5-6 times) meals.  These have been small but helpful changes.  The important thing is to do something and make a change.
Will talk about exercise later.


Kathlen R Watson MD Ph.D.

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