Starting an Exercise Routine or Sport

Why Warm Up Before Exercising

To start and activity/exercise program we need to get loose. In the mornings on arising we are stiff and have to loosen up. We stretch and move slower until we feel limber. To do so is easier in the summertime than in the wintertime.

Stiff, cold muscles and joints are easier to injure. They are tight and not limber.

Stretching Before Exercise (recommended 5-10 minutes)

Start gently and slowly to awaken the muscles and joints, to increase breathing, and to increase the heart rate.

Standing and Stretching
Reach for the sky.
Hug yourself.
Look to the shoulders, the floor and the sky.
Bend sideways at the waist – to the left and then the right.
Bend towards the floors– go as far as you can comfortably, and with time you will go further.
Stand in front of a wall with your legs crossed while leaning toward the wall ?Then cross your legs the other way to reverse the position.
Bend the knees with the feet approaching the buttocks

Stretching on the Floor or Bed
Sit on the side of the bed and bend toward the toes-hang arms to the floor
Sit crossed legged slowly try and get the soles of the feet together uncrossing the legs dropping the knees to the flat surface
Fold yourself forward over the legs from the hips
Start all activity slowly, increasing the speed of the activity within the first 10 to 15 minutes.
School age youth should participate everyday in 60 minutes or more of moderate vigourous physical activity that is enjoyable and developmentally appropriate (Strong, W.B. M.D. June 05 AmJPeds.)
Exercising each day burns 100-400 calories (ACSM fitness and aging)


Overweight and obesity have become epidemic in multicultural populations, especially in African-American women, and then Latinas (Latino women). Childhood and teen obesity are also increasing rapidly. Obesity and Overweight Race & Ethnicity Tables in our Health Trends and Other Data section show the severity of these conditions.
Check our Overweight and Obesity Section to determine if you know the leading factors contributing to Overweight and Obesity.

Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power!® 


    1. admin

      I’m glad you found the information interesting. You will also find additional information in our “Food & Fitness” Channel, and our “Tip Sheets” under the “Special Channels” section of our website at

      Also, be sure to send feedback after you check this additional information out, and

      Stay Healthy. Remember, Knowledge +Action = Power!

      N.J. Goodwin, MD
      President, Health Power for Minorities
      (Health Power)

  1. Lee

    Hi There Healthpowerforminorities,
    Along the same lines,, I’m trying to lose approximately 15 pounds so I can join the US Air Force. I’m a 20 year old female, 5’0″, 154 pounds. My new exercise routine is:

    Monday-Saturday: 15 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the treadmill, light weight lifting, crunches and leg lifts

    Sunday is my rest day (but I still do some kind of “fun” exercise like go for a walk, swim, or play a sport with friends)

    Do you think I will lose weight doing this and how long do you think it will take me to lose 15 pounds?

    1. admin

      Hello Lee,

      You seem to have a very good exercise plan. There are two things related to such exercise plans:

      1. It’s important that they be continued on a regular basis, and

      2. it’s also necessary to “EAT HEALTHY” on a regular basis. Visit our Food and Fitness Channel at to get a lot of information on how to do so.

      Keep it up, and remember that: KNOWLEDGE + ACTION = POWER!

      1. admin

        Hello Lee,

        How’s your exercise routine going? Let us know what kind of exercise you’re doing so that others can consider doing it too.

    2. admin

      Hello Lee,

      The main way to lose wait is through ENERGY (OR CALORIE) BALANCE. That means, you have to burn off as much energy (or calories) as you take in.
      In other words, you have to do enough physical activity to burn off the amount of calories, through food and drink, as you take in.

      A good rule for burning off calories is to be physically active for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. Eating healthy is also important.

      For much more information visit our Food and Fitness Channel, and check out our “Tip Sheets” for eating healthy among the “Special Channels” on our website at

      And be sure to let us know how it’s going as you lose those 15 pounds.

      N. J. Goodwin, MD,
      President, Health Power for Minorities
      (Health Power)

    3. amron3020

      You will lose weight IF you also give as much attention to what you eat because there’;s a basic formula involved in weight control:

      You must burn off as many calories as you take in on a regular basis.


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