Stress Prevention & Reduction for Minorities: Part 5 – Deep Breathing & Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Image previewDeep Breathing

Deep Breathing is a technique to improve relaxation regarding both physical and mental states. As a result, it relieves stress. Deep breathing is a stress management tool which is sometimes combined with another relaxation technique called Progressive Muscular Relaxation. Deep breathing is also an important component of Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation.

Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR) is a technique to improve relaxation, both the physical and mental states and so relieve stress. PMR is the tensing or tightening of specific groups of muscles for short periods of time, which is then followed by relaxing that same group of muscles. The process is then repeated a number of times. This technique is sometimes practiced in combination with Deep Breathing, and it helps with stress prevention and control.There is no equipment needed, only loose clothing. Therefore, there is also no cost involved.

Technique of Progressive Muscular Relaxation

In summary, progressive muscular relaxation is the tensing or tightening of a muscle group, holding that group of muscles in that position for a few (5 to 10) seconds, and then relaxing that specific group of muscles. After relaxing that muscle group, one tenses and then relaxes the same muscle group further. That’s why the action is called progressive.  Additional details on the technique of  progressive muscular relaxation can be found on the Health Power website by clicking here.


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