Summer Wellness, Health and Fitness Goals

There’s no better time than summer to kick-start your health, fitness and wellness and give yourself a “wake-up” call related to our “Big 4 Targets.” Here we’ve outlined some fitness, health and wellness tips to help with the prevention, early detection and control of the following:

Special Health and Wellness Points related to “Our Big 4”:

  1. Each of the “Big 4” often contributes to developing one or more of the other three conditions, and
  2. Each condition makes it more difficult to control the other one(s), if present.
  3. 13 percent of all African Americans (more than 1 out of 10) have diabetes.
  4. Almost 9 percent (8.7 percent) of Hispanics have diabetes
  5. About 8 out of 10 adults with Type 2 diabetes (diabetes) are overweight or obese.

While no one health and wellness tip, alone, is a silver bullet, to develop a plan for “springing” into health, see your doctor or another qualified health professional. Working with them, set your health, fitness and wellness goals (such as, lose a certain number of pounds, or lower your blood pressure by a certain amount) using a combination of our simple, quick fitness and health tips here.

Following are possible goals for summer health, wellness and fitness:

  • Spend 30 minutes cleaning out your pantry, cabinets, or freezer for 5 days.
  • Plant a vegetable garden in your yard or on your porch or balcony, and you can find your local farmer’s market to limit digging.
  • Go for a walk, hike or bike ride to increase physical fitness and help you get healthy.
  • Take the kids to the park, or just enjoy the park with a friend.
  • Plan a healthy picnic.
  • Embrace the sunshine (with the sunblock)
  • Walk the dog longer than usual.  

Special Things To Focus On:

When the “Big 4” go undiagnosed and untreated, they pave the way for later serious illnesses or early deaths. To decrease your risk for them, put the following fitness, health and wellness tips to work:

  • Control Your Weight – by balancing your calorie intake with regular physical activity, which includes walking.  In other words, you must routinely burn off as many calories as you take in.  Our Food & Fitness Channel has (a) cultural specialty and celebrity recipes, (b) Tip Sheets on such things as “Cooking Good and Eating Healthy“, “Shopping Smart“, “The Smart Diet“, and (c) other tools to help you eat healthy, and stay fit.
  • Limit your fat, salt, sugar, and alcohol intake
  • By all means, don’t smoke.
  • Decide which of the “Big 4” conditions – – diabetes, obesity, hypertension or heart disease – – you consider most important, why, and give it special attention.
  • Record your family history related to all 4 conditions, since all 4 are more likely to occur in families, and review that history with your doctor.


Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power! ®

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