Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight:
how leaders of color became successful

What Being an Entrepreneur Means To Us

  1. A builder of things; A creator; An innovator/designer/author
  2. A risk taker who believes in himself or herself
  3. A leader in his or her field/ A trendsetter
  4. A person that makes things happen

Entrepreneurs organize, build and lead all kinds of businesses and programs, including:

  • Medical, dental, home care services and programs
  • musical work/ventures/companies/deals
  • communication outlets such as radio and TV, wireless devices
  • construction/architecture/building design industries
  • charter schools and major educational programs like Head Start, Day Care
  • faith institutions such as churches
  • widely recognized and used web sites
  • human services programs for youths, for the aging, etc.
  • sports management – including team ownership
  • clothing manufacturers
  • transportation engineers, automobile dealers, car service
  • money managers, investors
  • science and research systems scientists, inventors
  • special government programs like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Teen Power is proud to have Dr. Daniel Laroche as it’s
Spotlighted Entrepreneur of the month.

Dr. Daniel Laroche

Dr. Laroche, an ophthalmologist who specializes in glaucoma, which is a serious eye condition, has his own Eye Center, with branches in Harlem and Queens, N.Y. He is also a supervisor in the Ophthalmology (Eye) Departments of three hospitals, and has been a high level officer of several doctor’s organizations. He has also provided a wide range of voluntary community service.

Check out how Dr. Laroche became so successful.