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What Things Help You Decide Who Your Friends Are?

How Can We Help Prevent Teen Violence?

William says
  • Choosing a friend should be because of leadership, trust and sensitivity. Knowing who your true friends are is one of the hardest things to figure out, but when you figure it out, it is a great relief.
  • Friends are people that you are comfortable talking to, and that you are willing to let into your personal life because you trust them.
  • I want a friend that will be there for me and is always ready to take leadership if I ever need help.
  • Leadership should be considered by everyone when choosing a friend.
  • Trust is one of the most critical things in deciding who is going to be your friend.
  • Having a friend that is around you and is sensitive to your environment as well as the environment of others is key when it comes to choosing a friend.

Ryan says:

  • A friend is a person you like, trust and can depend on. These two things are often confused in the pool of life
  • As friends, most of the time you share the same likes and dislikes.
  • In other cases you may like the company they keep, or even how you feel while being around them.
  • Friends are often chosen for the wrong reasons, and in the long run you’re faced with pondering on why this friend did you a terrible wrong.
  • Thus, in fair conclusion, all that can be said is “choose wisely”. Observe how they talk to you, and that will help you find a friend instead of just settling for an acquaintance.

Corey says
  • I choose my friends based on us being similar to each other in some ways, and us being cool with each other.
  • I rarely talk to anyone who doesn’t seem to be anything like myself, or share any of my interests, and I’m sure that stands true for many other people and their friends.
  • Friends are people you should be able to count on and who will have your back in bad situations.
  • I doubt it would be possible to become friends with those who aren’t in some way like yourself, or someone you couldn’t easily communicate with.
  • Friends are chosen based on certain qualities; for example, like those people who can make you laugh, or you enjoy being around and spending time with.



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