Testimonials about Health Power and Its President
“Dr. Goodwin, your continuing leadership in addressing issues of national importance for minority health is unparalleled.”
“Let me praise you Dr. Goodwin for your decision to focus special attention to the health challenges faced by women of color.”
“Dr. Goodwin, your commitment to improving the health and longevity of minority populations has provided hope and help to many, and inspiration for all involved in the health and safety business.”
“Dr. Goodwin, your leadership and numerous contributions to both minority health and public health are widely known, and greatly appreciated.”
“Dr. Goodwin, your knowledge, skills and abilities as a physician are closely linked to achieving the minority health improvement objectives you so ably articulate.  You have my full support for your efforts in translating theory into practice, and hope into reality…Please continue your work.  I’ts so very important to the Nation.”
“Norma, you are more effective at minority health advocacy, coupled with effective follow-through, than anyone I know.  As with your other endeavors related to improving the health of minorities/multicultural populations, you have the enthusiastic support of the American Heart Association for your visionary and productive future efforts.”
“Dr. Goodwin, I am pleased to applaud you and Health Power for Minorities for your thoughtful and innovative project, Teen Power.  The concept of engaging urban tweens and hopefully advancing positive health behaviors through an appealing website for and by them is both creative and exciting.  Your preliminary work strongly suggests that this can be a viable modality.  Your work and your position as Clinical Associate Professor in our School of Public Health is appreciated.”
“Dr. Goodwin, Health Power for Minorities and Teen Power have a proven track record of usefullness, cultural competency and reach as international resources for minority health, and the need for research on web based and other digital prevention interventions is indeed critical.  Your work and track record make you uniquely qualified.
“I want to express my gratitude to my good friend, Norma Goodwin, whose dedication, commitment and tireless efforts have been the driving force behind the success of your sorely needed organization (referring to a prior Goodwin founded and headed organization).”
“Your word and Health Power’s words are so important!  Thank you so much for sharing them.”
“Dr. Goodwin and staff, thanks for doing such a beautiful service to humanity at large.  I read the daily quotes often and find them very uplifting.”
“Dr. Goodwin, thanks for shaing this excellent and relevant information celebrating Native American Indian Month.  I have sent it to several friends and to my cousin who lives in Minnesota and works with several Native American groups.”
“Health Power, the web site Winter Holiday Celebration looks great!!!”
“Norma, congratulations to you and Health Power for your number one search engine ranking.  This is an incredible accomplishment.  I am delighted.”