Infographic – Side Effects of High Blood Pressure on the Body

Infographic Source: Healthline


It’s National High Blood Pressure Month.     

  • Do you know what both of your blood pressure numbers are?
  • Are both of them normal?
  • Did you know that hypertension is called “The Silent Killer”, and why?
  • Do you know what pre-hypertension is?
  • Did you know that hypertension, or high blood pressure is one of Health Power’s “Big 4 Special Health Targets are, and why?
  • Do you know what the other 3 Health Power Special Targets are?

Check the Health Power website Section on Hypertension among the Major Killers and Disablers of Minorities to get these answers and much more information..

By the way, hypertension is one of Health Power’s “Special Big 4 Targets because it is a silent killer. The other 3 conditions that make up “Our Big 4″ BIG 4” are diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Individuals who have one of “The Big 4” have an increased risk of developing one or more of the other 3 conditions, and for those who have more than one of the Big 4, keeping it under control makes iteasier to control the other condition(s).

Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge  + Action = Power!


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