Tips for Living with Asthma

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People living with asthma know the important role that self management plays in their life. They need extra care so that they can breathe well and stay active even when the condition threatens to take over their life. No matter what ethnicity you belong to, living with asthma isn’t always easy, but research has proven that African Americans have a higher prevalence of Asthma. They are also likely to succumb to the condition and experience complexities.

So what can you do to live a carefree life and deal with the complexities of the condition? Here are some tips for living with asthma to help you breathe more freely.

·       Keep Medication on Hand

The first bit is quite easy. Just make sure you have your medication on you at all times, be it an inhaler or tablets. The best emergency relief is albuterol inhaler that can help you deal with the complexities of the condition.

·       Identify Your Triggers

Though most of the asthma triggers are common, you need to identify which ones can bring on your asthma symptoms. It might take a while since triggers differ from one person to another. Take the time needed so you can be sure of the triggers that can aggravate your symptoms. It will be most beneficial for you to keep an asthma diary. Record everything related to your condition, and it’ll help you in managing asthma.

Even environmental triggers need to be identified so you can live a problem free life. Some people might get a reaction from the food they eat, so it’s important that you identify exactly what things make managing asthma a struggle.

·       Pet-free Household

Pet dander is one of the most common asthma triggers, so make sure you don’t adopt any pets. If you have pets, limiting them to some areas of the house can help you co-exist. This will help to relieve some of the symptoms, but experts advise that it’s better if you avoid pets.

·       Clean Indoor Environment

You might not always be able to avoid the asthma triggers that are in the atmosphere, but you have a level of control over your house. It’s better if you remove the carpets from your house. The fibers can house bacteria and dust particles that can make your condition worse. Make a cleaning schedule and make sure you vacuum 2-3 times a week. This will eliminate most of the dust from your house, making it easy for you to breathe freely. Wear a mask when cleaning the house and make your house a no-smoking zone.


The more information you have about managing asthma, the easier it will get. Make sure you follow these tips of living with asthma and live a care-free life once again.


Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!

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