Tips for National Nutrition Month in Our Food and Fitness Channel



What you eat, and how much of it, AND how you move, and how much, has a lot to do with your physical, mental and spiritual health. That’s why we have a special Food and Fitness (FFC) Channel on our website. Our Food Branch contains delicious and yet healthy recipes,  as well as a lot of additional information and tips for “Shopping Smart, Cooking Good, and Eating healthy”.  Our Fitness Branch contains a variety of tips and other information related to physical activity such as: “Getting in Shape”; “Walking for the Health of it” ; and the number of calories burned from different activities.

 Key Contents in the Food Branch include  our 3-in-1 Recipe Directory with the following sections:

  1. Recipes by celebrities, notables, chefs and nutritionists
  2. Recipes by cultural specialty – African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American
  3. Recipes by type, such as for breakfast, lunch and dinner, soups and sandwiches, desserts, etc.

Key Contents in the Fitness Branch include Tip Sheets on physical activity and fitness such as:

–           Starting an Exercise Routine or Sport

–          Tips for “Getting in Shape”

–           Walking for the Health of it, and

–           Number of calories burned from different activities.

Now, is a good time to get started with:

– More healthy eating, and by the way,  eat at home a lot, because eating together at home is also good for healthier family life; and

– Walking those sidewalks, park walks, and mall walks, plus other helpful non-walking activities.

Our Special Buddy or Partner Tip:

Since adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and health practices can be difficult alone, it helps to get one or two buddies or partners with shared interests, or join a group whose members have similar interests and goals.

Click here for the Food and Fitness Channel, or if you prefer, you can go directly to the Food Branch or Fitness Branch. 


 Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!®

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