Walking For the Health of It Tips – No. 1


Walking is good for the body, mind and spirit.
Walking helps you to lose weight or keep from gaining more weight.
Walking energizes and increases your strength.
Walking strengthens your bones, thus fights osteoporosis.
Walking tones and strengthens your muscles.
Walking keeps your joints more flexible for easy movement.
Walking is easy to do (you can walk almost anywhere, by yourself, or with someone).
Walking doesn’t cost much (you only need comfortable walking shoes).
Walking is often social (if you get a walking buddy or have a walking group).
Walking is basically safe (especially if you walk with someone else, or in well-lit areas where others also walk or run).
Walking is also healthy for:

  • Losing weight by burning off calories. (Yes, this is a repeat)
  • reducing blood pressure
  • controlling diabetes
  • relaxing, and reducing stress
  • delaying arthritis and limiting its negative effects
  • strengthening the heart and lungs
Walking can be interesting (for sight-seeing, window shopping, light shopping, block walking, talking as you walk with a friend or buddy, and other things that you, or you and your friend(s) enjoy).

Good places for walking include:

  • shopping malls
  • school grounds
  • your neighborhood
  • in a park (with someone else is best)
  • for local shopping

Easy ways to do extra walking:

  • Use stairways, if safe, instead of elevators if you don’t have heart disease.
  • In parking lots, park further away from the entrance, to walk more
  • When you take a bus or subway, get off at the stop before the stop where you’re going, so that you’ll have to walk a little further.

Special Tips:

  • Keep a daily record of what will make you feel best about your progress – like:
    • how many times you walked each week
    • how many miles you walked each week (Use a pedometer. They don’t cost much.)
    • how much weight you lost in a month
  • Reward yourself at least once a month, and more often if it helps. … even if it’s a small reward. Pick an activity that will be a good reward or celebration for you.


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Special Tip: Walking is also good for the prevention and control of:


Our Special Big 4 Targets: DiabetesObesity     HypertensionHeart Disease



Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power!Walking

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