Welcome to Our New Website: Centerpiece of Our National Minority Health Communication Network



Key Features of Our New Website

In building our new website, we kept past favorites, and added new features based on multiple user interests shared with us. They include:

  • A new look and feel that is consistent with leading current, changes in cyberspace (on the Web);
  •  Authoritative information on disease prevention, early detection and control, in other words, carefully researched contents based on widely accepted health and medical information;
  • User-friendly and culturally relevant information, messages and tools that can easily be found from the top of our Home Page. including: – 

    Our Blog, with at least 10 blog posts published each month, and the titles of the most recent 5 blog posts listed on the Home page;

    – What it Means, Our A to Z Glossary, including a photo with each term, to help users understand various terms without having to read often long descriptions with many professional or technical terms;

    – Food and Fitness Channel, with separate Food and Fitness Branches.

    The Food Branch contains recipes by type (like breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, etc.), recipes by celebrities and other notables, and recipes by different by cultural specialties.

    Both branches contain easy to read Tip Sheets, on such subjects as:
    Shopping Smart, Cooking Good, Eating Healthy;
    Weight Control, Wise Drinking, Getting in Shape;
    Moving for the Health of it; Walking for Fitness;
    Starting an Exercise Routine or Sport

    Special Channels by Age and Gender:
    For Women, Men, Teens, Parents, and Aging populations

    4 Racial and Ethnic Channels:\

  • African American Channel and its Caribbean Circuit

    Hispanic/Latino Channel

  • Asian Pacific Islander Channel
  • Native American/American Indian Channel

    – 16 Major Killers and Disablers (Health Disparities) Sections, including key Sections on:

    – Our Big 4 Special Targets:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart Disease

    – Multiple Home Page, Channel and Section advertising zones;

    – What’s Happening, which provides a year-long calendar of key conferences and other events.

    So consider the Health Power website one of your favorite places for health related information. , and visit us often to:

    Stand Up for Your Health because Knowledge + Action = Power!

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