Wise Drinking – A Health Power Tip Sheet



Why Watch the Alcohol?

Possible Negative Effects of Drinking Alcohol include:

  • Decreased normal inhibitions, which leads to people often doing things they wouldn’t normally do;
  • Possible anger, depression, anxiety, arguments, and even violence after drinking heavily;
  • Increased risk of being involved in an accident if one drives while intoxicated.

Times When You Are at Greater Risk of Drinking Too Much:

  • During holiday celebrations of all kinds because people tend to drink more than usual;
  • When alcohol is served at parties and other special events;
  • When alcohol is part of eating out, and at parties and other social events at home.

Healthy Life Advice: Safer Drinking Tips:

  • If you know you have a drinking problem, skip the alcohol in your drinks, and no one needs to know.
  • If you drink alcohol, moderation is key!

What is Moderation?
It’s generally no more than two drinks a day for a man and one drink a day for a woman. These amounts cannot be saved from one day to another.

How Much Drink of Beer, Wine and Liquor is

  • A 12-ounce bottle or can of beer
  • A 5-ounce glass of wine
  • A shot (1 ounce) of liquor, straight or in a mixed drink
  • If you drink, don’t drive! If you are in a group be sure that there is a designated driver.

Special Tip for Pregnant Women:

  • Avoid all alcoholic drinks because drinking during pregnancy can harm your developing fetus and cause congenital defects. Learn more about the fetal alcohol syndrome from Health Power’s web site.

Tips to Limit Drinking Calories:

  • For mixed drinks, ask for club soda, tonic water, diet sodas, and diet mixers where available, instead of drink sweeteners and syrups.
  • Make your wine into a spritzer (wine and club soda mixed)
  • For eggnog, that popular and delicious holiday drink, limit the amount. It’s also good to mix equal parts of eggnog and skim milk. It’s still delicious and you cut the calories almost in half.
  • Make your beer, ale, or lager into a shandy, which is mixed with ginger ale, another soda (diet soda is best), or lemonade.
  • Choose low alcohol beer instead of regular beer.

               Number of Calories from Popular Alcohol Containing Drinks


Popular Drinks

Approximate No. of Calories

Approximate Serving Size

Apple Martini 150 Calories cocktail glass
Beer (Regular) 102 Calories 8 oz glass
Beer (Low Alcohol) 44 Calories 7 oz glass
Champagne 200 Calories 8 oz glass
Cosmopolitan 150 Calories cocktail glass
Eggnog 618 Calories (with   alcohol) 8 oz glass
Long Island Ice Tea 600 Calories 8 oz glass
Manhattan 130 Calories cocktail glass
Margarita 350 Calories 6 oz glass
Pina Colada 560 Calories 7 oz glass
Rum, Vodka, or Whiskey 82 Calories per shot
Scotch 107 Calories per shot
Standard or average   cocktail 365 Calories cocktail glass
Wine 100 Calories 8 oz glass
Wine Cooler 230 Calories 8 oz glass

As part of our dedication to providing healthy life advice, click here for more information on alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction and other forms of chemical dependency.

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