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Welcome to our Women’s Channel, where we focus on health and wellness. We recognize the valuable and diverse contributions of women, especially women of color, and the various challenges they experience. We provide user-friendly and culturally relevant health information and promotion services on women’s health issues for physical, mental and spiritual health, as women go through their various life stages. Also visit our channels that focus on the interests and needs of African American, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American women.

Highlights of Women & Health

Health Diaries of Educator • Advocate • Patient after Breast Cancer diagnosis
Female Contraceptive Methods
15 Reasons the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Decision on Contraception was so Damaging
Food & Fitness Channel
Domestic Violence: Still a National Health Problem after the NFL Headlines
Our Big 4 Special Targets
HIV Threatens African American Women’s Heritage
HIV/AIDS & the Down Low (DL)
Joining Forces for Breast Health
Our 18 Outstanding Past Women Honorees
President Obama Signs 2013 Anti-Violence Act (VAWA)
Stress Prevention & Reduction
Watch Over Your Heart – Includes Special Info. for Women
We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident…..

Channel Favorites

Breast Health and Breast Cancer
Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & Quit Smoking
Don’t Be A Statistic When It Comes to Diabetes
Honoring the Work of Women of Color
Overweight & Obesity
Preventing and Controlling “Our Big 4 Targets”
Stress Prevention & Reduction
Watch Over Your Heart – Includes special information for women

Additional Contents Include:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Bipolar Disorder(s)
Cervical Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Domestic Violence
Heart/Cardiovascular Disease
Hypertension & Minority Health
Infant Mortality
Influenza and Pneumonia
Lung Cancer
Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care
Secondhand Smoking
Sexually Transmitted Disease(s)
Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency
Sudden infant death syndrome

Healthy Women (PRNewsFoto/Families Fighting Flu)

Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!

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